Soul Practices

Your soul has the power to nourish and bless itself.

Try this simple practice for using the Four Power Techniques® to connect with your soul.

  • Body Power uses special hand positions for focusing energy.
  • Soul Power is used to request the soul to bless itself.
  • Mind Power uses creative visualization, focus and concentration of the mind.
  • Sound Power uses chanting to repeat mantras for well-being.

Master Sha teaches the Say Hello® formula to connect with Soul Power for maintaining a healthy and happy life.

Say Hello Formula

Dear soul mind body of _________ (name one aspect of your life),
I love you.
You have the power to bless yourself.
Do a good job!
Thank you.

Dear Divine and Tao,
I love you.
Please forgive my ancestors and me for all the mistakes we have made in all our lifetimes. We deeply apologize. Thank you.

Now sing the Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony as service to humanity and all souls:

Lu La-a Lu La Li
Lu La-a Lu La La Li
Lu La-a Lu La-a Li Lu La
Lu La-a Li Lu La
Lu La-a Li Lu La

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony

When you practice, click on the player below to listen to Master Sha’s Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony.

Listen to this Divine Soul Song

Master Sha Teaches Four Power Techniques in Kauai

Soul Mind Body Science System book

If there is one quality that integrates wisdom traditions of the East and West, it is the deep appreciation of the fundamental importance of love and compassion for human life, and by extension, the world. Written by a Master Healer and Teacher, with the assistance of two of his colleagues, Greatest Love gracefully outlines practical strategies for using our minds to foster unconditional love for ourselves, humanity, and the planet. We are introduced to ancient Chinese wisdom such as Tian Ren He Yi which means "the big universe and human beings join as one." Though Western science has yet to understand and research some of the conclusions and recommendations expressed in this book, the beauty lies in the fact that such visionary science can be conducted in the future. The authors honor and celebrate the trinity of soul, heart, and love.