Emotional Intelligence: Freedom from Shame, Guilt and Regret - Master Sha
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Emotional Intelligence: Freedom from Shame, Guilt and Regret
ultimate empowerment for today’s world


Tao Center Vancouver

Date & Time

July 31st 2021, 10:00 am August 1st 2021, 6:00 pm
(Vancouver – Pacific Time UTC -7:00)
Hosted by: Monique Giard
Hosted by: Ximena Gavino

Free intro: July 29, 6-8 pm

As we advance on our spiritual journey, our goal is to clear and transform our negative Shen Qi Jing to positive messages, energy and matter, freeing us to live and love unconditionally and in alignment with our true self.

Experienced as embarrassment, unwavering resentment, sadness, guilt, or regret, shame can block our ability to open our heart and serve the world as our heart yearns to do, causing us to feel more shame, more guilt and more regrets.

In this workshop, participants will experience the power of Tao Calligraphy Healing Field to heal and transform the cycle of shame-guilt-regret to Tao Love, Tao Compassion, and Tao Humility. 

Participants will learn how to recognize their own activation of internal and external shame in social and personal situations; take responsibility for the mistakes made as a process of growth; transform regrets with forgiveness; practice Tao Humility to transform and prevent the activation and impact of shame on themselves and others. 

Join special guest teacher, Dr Monique Giard, clinical counselor and EMDR Therapist and Ximena A Gavino, Certified Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Master Teacher and Healer to experience  the  letting go of shame and guilt to Tao Love, Tao Compassion and Tao Humility. Reconnect with your true potential, and start living your true purpose!