Global Tao Light Massage - Master Sha
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Global Tao Light Massage



Date & Time

June 12th 2021,
10:00 am 11:00 am
(Toronto – Eastern Time UTC -4:00)


Hosted by: Master Sha

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  • For anyone who has not experienced Tao Light Massage with Master Sha or who was not registered for the Saturday, May 15th session(s) with Master Sha, you may attend this Saturday, June 12th session as a gift from Master Sha by applying this coupon code: TLM!2021.
  • Tao Light Massage sessions are now open to family members and loved ones, including pets. This is a great opportunity for your loved ones to receive the healing and benefits of these healing sessions.

Saturday 10-11 am ET
June 12, 19, 26, July 3, 10
One time: $30 / all 5 sessions: $100 / 4 session (June 19, 26, July 3, 10) option: $80

Tao is the Source. Tao carries Source love, light, frequency and vibration. Tao carries the most positive Source soul, heart, mind, energy and matter which can transform negative soul, heart, mind, energy and matter in every aspect of life including health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies), relationships and finances.

Tao Calligraphy creates the Source healing field that can offer healing and transformation in all life.

Each Tao Light Massage session will focus on:

  • one system, or
  • one organ, or
  • one part of the body, or
  • one health condition, or
  • one relationship, or
  • one emotion

Within this one hour of Tao Light Massage the Tao love, light, frequency and vibration as well as Tao positive shen qi jing could transform your one request beyond words.

Tao Light Massage is the Source sacred healing for humanity available now.

We welcome you and wish for you to experience amazing and powerful results!