Level One Support Sessions - Master Sha
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Level One Support Sessions
ultimate empowerment for today’s world


Tao Center Portland

Date & Time

October 23rd 2021,
9:00 am 10:00 am
(Portland – Pacific Time UTC -7:00)

Tao Healing is unique in the world. This level one series of 4 classes sets the foundation for understanding and getting the most value out of our ongoing healing programs.

Although this is a free 4 week (repeating) series for any level of membership. (see membership benefits at www.taocenterportland.com)  Each class can be purchased individually to “taste” what Tao Healing is all about.

Level 1 classes occur the 1st four Saturdays of each month 9:00-10:00am PT. (note these 4 classes repeat. so if you have membership, you can enroll anytime and not miss a single one. 

1. Understanding the Six Power Techniques
2. Understanding Shen Qi Jing as the Root of Suffering
3. Understanding Tao Calligraphy Healing Field
4. The Power of Forgiveness