Mother’s Day Meditation - Master Sha
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Mother’s Day Meditation


Tao Center Honolulu
Virtual Event

Date & Time

May 8th 2021,
1:00 pm 2:00 pm
(Pacific/Honolulu UTC -10:00)


US $10


Hosted by: Patrick Sambueno

On this special day, we offer our deepest gratitude and love to all the mothers. A mother is a great example of giving her live to serve others.

And whether you are praying to Holy Mary, offering Shakti devotion, taking shelter under Guan Yin or honoring Mother Earth, these are forms of the same Divine Mother present in the whole creation.

Meditate with us on this special weekend to honor and receive the unconditional love of Divine Mother. Refill and strengthen that birthing light of creation inside of us to create greater transformation and higher possibilities.

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