Rewrite your life with Tao Calligraphy Portland May 1-2 - Master Sha
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Rewrite your life with Tao Calligraphy Portland May 1-2


Tao Center Portland

Date & Time

May 1st 2021, 8:00 am May 2nd 2021, 3:00 pm
(America/Toronto UTC -4:00)

 $125 USD, Discounts for Seniors (>65 years and Students (18-25 years)

Everyone is seeking to improve the quality of the life, especially during the current global pandemic time. Some seek this through personal improvement programs and workshops, some through therapy, some through medicine, and some may feel lost and don’t know what to do.

Tao Calligraphy is based on the ancient secret of oneness writing.  Tao Calligraphy is infused with the information, energy, and matter from the  Tao, the source of all life. One’s Tao Calligraphy writing can present the state and patterns of one’s life. Tao Calligraphy writing reveals oneself for the strengths, challenges and potentials. By correcting and changing the Tao Calligraphy writing, one can rewrite one’s life in a surprisingly fast and deep manner.

We welcome you to join us to for a powerful and healing weekend to discover this most sacred and profound life transformation and empowerment experience.