Shen Medicine: A Spiritual Approach to Physical Healing with Peter Hudoba, MD - Master Sha
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Shen Medicine: A Spiritual Approach to Physical Healing with Peter Hudoba, MD


Tao Center Sydney

Date & Time

May 22nd 2021, 9:00 am May 23rd 2021, 5:30 pm
(Sydney – East Australia Time UTC +10:00)

Why do people get sick? How can people heal?

Dr. Peter Hudoba, a successful neurosurgeon and medical researcher, searched for the answers for decades. He wondered why medical science had no lasting solutions for some

illnesses. He explored alternative healing modalities but the “holy grail” of a comprehensive healing system eluded him.

Finally, he reached a new understanding of the root causes of

illness and indeed of all the challenges and struggles in our lives.

A New Frontier of Wellness and Happiness is Here!

Shen Medicine explains why sickness occurs, it also offers a breakthrough solution with practical tools and techniques that is the new frontier of wellness and happiness.

Shen medicine is the medicine of the soul, heart, and mind (consciousness). It goes beyond Jing (matter) medicine and Qi (energy) medicine. A complete healing system must address jing, qi, and shen.

Shen medicine opens a gate into a new world of possibility for health and wellness. It presents dozens of case studies ranging from metabolic to cardiovascular, neurological, psychiatric, to cancer and tumors that demonstrate that this new world is here now.

Join Peter Hudoba, for events in Sydney and Brisbane to experience Shen Medicine. Dr Hudoba will share his personal story, explain Master Sha’s Soul Mind Body Theories in simple words, teach you profound practices, and offer powerful new specialised Tao Healing Services to help you transform messages of illness to health!

  • Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 May
  • 9am – 5:30pm AEST
  • Online workshop via zoom (replay available)
  • Honour fee $155

(Student and Seniors discounts available)