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Tao Wisdom & Wellness for Daily Life

Live your life’s true purpose!  Awaken to the power of soul. Transform and enlighten your life.
Experience the transformation power of the Tao Calligraphy Source light and energy field.  Discover a joyful and heart-centered, gentle moving meditation practice that can create profound inner peace, harmony and wellness.
Step into a powerful positive frequency and vibrational field that can boost your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity.  Be uplifted, nourished and strengthened.
Learn profound sacred ancient and new Tao wisdom.  Connect to the power of soul and discover your soul’s highest potential to gain clarity and purpose in your life and service.
Tap into the Source through revolutionary Tao technologies and tools for greater health, happiness and success.

Receive a Tao light, love and energy blessing through the Tao Source field!

Be inspired. Be empowered. Create the life you want.

SESSION FEES (starting from February 2024):

  • $35 for first time participants (apply coupon code TWDL-2024-S1-AGDTR3G during checkout)
  • $50 for single session
  • $170 for monthly pass

Please contact taocentreglobal@drsha.com if you have any questions regarding this event.