Tao Calligraphy Healing Field – Experience the Power: Harness Source Energy for Healing and Transformation Mar 31 - Master Sha
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Tao Calligraphy Healing Field – Source Healing Practices for the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Bodies Mar 31

No matter what we are facing in our health and wellbeing, there is a pathway for healing and transformation. One of the keys is understanding how to access Source frequency and vibration to help transform an aspect of our health.

In this session, we will share with you one of the most powerful transformation tools available today – a unique information and energy field that you can easily tap into to bring the pure, positive messages and energy of Source frequency directly into your being where it is needed most.

This positive information and energy field can help you to transform any aspect of your health. With simple practices, you can harness this field to help transform the negative messages and energy that underly your challenges. At the same time, you will be absorbing new, positive messages and energy that support your highest potential.

Join us to experience the power of this healing field and the techniques that have worked for so many.