Intermediate Tao Calligraphy Retreat

Jul 30 - Aug 03
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT -5:00 Eastern Time )

Honor Fee: CAD $300
Information: Customer Service
888 339 6815 x100

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Prerequisite: Attended Tao Calligraphy Retreat, July 21 – 25 or some other Tao Calligraphy (Writing) Retreat in the past.

Tao Calligraphy is a revolutionary healing art form created by Dr. and Master Sha, transformational leader, medical doctor in China and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in China and Canada. With Tao Calligraphy, in a meditative state, one stroke is applied to write positive words and phrases in Chinese characters. Thus, Tao Calligraphy is written with one flow of qi (energy) and is filled with positive messages that cultivate well-being and a sense of oneness. The practice of Tao Calligraphy aligns us with this free flow of energy and the principle of Oneness. This brings balance, rejuvenation and many more benefits into our lives.

During this Intermediate Tao Calligraphy Retreat, participants will be taken further into the wisdom, practice, and application of the healing art of Tao Calligraphy.

You will learn and experience:

  • The extraordinary healing art and practice of one-stroke Tao Calligraphy.
  • How to support and accelerate healing and transformation through writing, tracing, and applying the wisdom and practice of Tao Calligraphy.
  • How to deeply connect with your true self and heighten your sense of well-being through this and through your connection with Oneness.
  • Step-by-step guidance for how to write powerful positive messages filled with love, forgiveness, compassion and light for yourself and others.
  • Advanced meditations and moving practices to open the energy and matter channels within the body.
  • Strengthening your application of The Six Tao Power Techniques that support healing and rejuvenation.

Thousands around the world have applied Tao Calligraphy to create positive changes in their lives, as well as to assist others. Medical research has demonstrated positive results associated with Tao Calligraphy applications in medical settings, and the U. S. Veteran’s administration has even approved Tao Calligraphy Meditation as a tool to help Veteran’s reduce stress and improve their well-being.

The more you write Tao Calligraphy, the more you release blockages and align with your true self, including your best health, relationships, finances and more. Learning to write Tao Calligraphy deepens your connection to the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field that is present in all of Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphies, which are widely available in many of his books and through frequently held Tao Calligraphy Healing Field sessions at Centers around the world.

Make the rest of 2020 (and forward) much better for yourself and all those you may assist by stepping further into this unique and powerful healing art that bring you into greater and greater alignment with your true essence and power.