Introduction to Tao Hands – Experience the Power



Date & Time

February 13th 2021
10:30 am 12:00 pm
(America/Toronto UTC -5:00)
Hosted by: Francisco Quintero
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Almost everyone in the world is facing challenges at this time. Many are struggling and everyone can benefit from extra love and compassion. The more we can be in the presence of supportive, loving, and nourishing energy, frequency, and vibration, the more likely we are to remain strong, healthy, and happy. In fact, the vibrational fields within us and around us are of the utmost importance to our health and wellbeing. When these fields carry disharmony or negative information and energy, we can experience various forms of decline or difficulties.

Dr. & Master Sha and quantum physicist, Dr. Rulin Xiu have pointed out that what science calls information is the same as spirt or soul. It is the information in our soul that guides our life, with soul leading heart, heart leading mind, mind leading energy and energy leading matter. Information energy and matter have a vibrational field. When this field is coherent, connected, and harmonious, we are in good health and wellness. When they are not, we may have challenges.

Tao Hands is a phenomenal and unique Spiritual Light Transmission that carries the pure, positive information, energy, frequency, and vibration of Tao Oneness. For this reason, Tao Hands emits a powerful healing field, which can be invoked and applied by Tao Hands practitioners. The way Tao Hands work is that upon activation, this healing field radiates out to the recipient to assist in transforming their information and vibrational fields. This powerful transmission can be activated to facilitate positive change and healing over time.

Join Francisco to experience the power of Tao Hands!