Living a Life of Greatest Love – Series


Date & Time

February 6th 2021
11:00 am 1:00 pm
(UTC UTC + 0:00)
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USD $150

Living in the Divine Love, the greatest love, is the dream of almost everyone.

In this course, you will learn, experience, and practice living in the greatest love. The wisdom and practice in this course will help release the deepest blockages that have been preventing you from living in the greatest love. It will help you start a new phase of life filled with the greatest love, joy, and success.

  • Would you like to release sickness, difficulties, and challenges?
  • Have you wondered how to manifest your dreams?

The key for healing and manifestation is to use your heart power correctly.

Hope you open your heart to attend

Much love and blessings to you,

Rulin Xiu