Love Peace Harmony Healing for Humanity Feb 7



Date & Time

February 7th 2021
3:00 pm 4:00 pm
(America/Toronto UTC -5:00)
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Translations are available the second Sunday of each month.
La traduction en français sera disponible le deuxième dimanche de chaque mois
Vertaling in het Nederlands is beschikbaar op elke tweede zondag van de maand
Die Übersetzung in Deutsch wird am zweiten Sonntag eines jeden Monats verfügbar sein
La traducción al español estará disponible el segundo domingo de cada mes.

Each Sunday, join with world-renowned healer and teacher, Dr. And Master Zhi Gang Sha, and/or the directors of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation, to experience the power of Love Peace Harmony. In these experiential sessions, you will learn ancient wisdom and modern practical techniques to transform the challenges in your life and open to a new level of happiness, wellness, and abundance. Discover how powerful you can be in creating the life you would like to live! Join us each month to transform a different part of your life:

  • Jan – Bring Abundance into 2021
  • Feb – Reduce Stress
  • Mar – Transform Anger
  • Apr – Transform Pain
  • May – Harmonize Relationships
  • June – Transform Depression and Anxiety
  • July – Strengthen Immunity
  • Aug – Boost Energy, Stamina and Vitality
  • Sept – Transform Fear
  • Oct – Transform Grief
  • Nov – Boost Finances