Lower Stress & Boost Positive Thinking with Master Sha - Jan 30 - Master Sha

Lower Stress & Boost Positive Thinking with Master Sha – Jan 30



Date & Time

January 30th 2021
10:30 am 12:00 am
(America/Toronto UTC -5:00)
Hosted by: Master Sha
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Stress is somewhat unavoidable these days, and when stress is high, it can be more difficult to stay positive. In addition, negative thinking can add to stress, feeding into a negative feedback and experience loop. In short, how we think and use our mind is related to our level and experience of stress, both as a cause and an effect.

We can reduce our stress levels by attending to our thinking. With awareness and effective tools and techniques, one can significantly reduce stress while also boosting positive thinking – a genuine win-win!

One of the most effective and unique tools is Master Sha’s Oneness Healing Field. He shares six simple power techniques for accessing and harnessing this high frequency positive field of pure information and energy to effect positive changes in one’s life.

Thousands have tapped into this powerful field and experienced positive changes in their health, relationships, finances, and life challenges.

Join us to experience the power of the Oneness Healing Field for reducing stress and boosting your positive thinking!