New Year’s Eve Blessing Call 2020 with Cynthia Deveraux

Dec 31
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (GMT -5:00 Eastern Time )

Honor Fee: Free
Information: Customer Service
888 339 6815 ex. 100

Via Teleconference in English, German, Dutch & French

Take this opportunity to begin 2020 with a powerful spiritual boost. Each year thousands of people around the world join us for this very special New Year’s Blessings call.

Ancient wisdom is to hold a sacred ceremony at the end of the year to show gratitude and appreciation for the blessings offered in the past year and to request blessings for the coming year. Master Sha emphasizes the importance of beginning a new year in this way. During the call, Master Sha’s Lineage Holder and Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy, Cynthia Deveraux, will lead participants through a sacred one-hour ceremony honoring this tradition. Participants will experience her Greatest Love and receive powerful teachings, wisdom and blessings that can open their hearts, expand their consciousness and deepen their gratitude and commitment for the coming year. Then with great love, humility and compassion, Cynthia will bless participants for the coming year, offering the following treasures:

  • 30,000th Highest Tao Committee Tao Love Transmission
  • 30,000th Highest Tao Committee Tao Forgiveness Transmission
  • 30,000th Highest Tao Committee Tao Compassion Transmission
  • 30,000th Highest Tao Committee Tao Light Transmission
  • 30,000th Highest Tao Committee Tao Success Transmission

These permanent treasures are gifts to all who are registered for and present on the teleconference line.

Join Cynthia and students, teachers, practitioners, loved ones and others from around the world for this important and precious call and receive these special blessings for your journey in 2020 and beyond.