Open Spiritual Channels Toronto Group

May 25
8:00 am - 9:00 am (GMT -5:00 Eastern Time )

Honor Fee: $150 CAD
416 609 2777

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Note: This event is by webcast only.

You know those messages you hear, the ones that whisper to you sometimes. They might tell you go right instead of left. Or sometimes you hear that you need to go somewhere out of the blue and something amazing happens! This kind of intuition or message can be an invaluable aid for our lives.

Now imagine you could do this every day. Imagine you can directly ask for the guidance and messages you need for your life. Imagine being able to see the wonder of a world beyond what the eyes can see. You no longer need to imagine; you can begin the journey today!

In this inspired and ground-breaking course, you can learn step-by-step how to open and awaken your spiritual channels. You will receive in-depth training to assist you in accessing the messages your inner voice wants to tell you, whilst also developing the ability to connect to your higher self and the entire Soul World.

This highly interactive training is designed with your abilities in mind. In this course you will learn the highest spiritual wisdom and knowledge but also simple, easy and practical exercises to help you develop your spiritual channels.

You will learn and experience:

• How to open and develop the four major spiritual channels (Soul Language Channel, Direct Soul Communication Channel, Third Eye Channel and Direct Knowing Channel)
• How to increase the accuracy and depth of the messages you receive with your spiritual channels
• How to receive messages from your angels, saints and the Soul World to help guide your life
• How to use your spiritual channels to help guide relationships, finances and your soul journey

Through inspiring and empowering wisdom classes and guided daily group practices (Monday-Friday), this program is designed to assist you in your journey to open your spiritual channels. Opening your spiritual channels has so many benefits and could create flourishing in every aspect of your life. Enhance your life and realize new possibilities by accessing your spiritual channels!