Experience the Power: Reset Your Energy and Immunity With Love Feb 17



Date & Time

February 17th 2021
12:30 pm 1:30 pm
(America/Toronto UTC -5:00)
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During tumultuous and stressful times, our foundation for energy and immunity can be constantly challenged. Over time, we suffer consequences of depletion, without adequate recharge episodes. This can lead to numerous unpleasant outcomes and negative “stress” cycles. So, how do we stop the cycle?

We would say, “with love”. Love is the ultimate healer and transformer. When we feel loved; when we offer or receive love, we are in the flow of all the purest qualities of our true nature. During these moments, we are not experiencing the negative cycles associated with stress and depletion but are in fact being nourished and recharged.

The pure nature of unconditional love has the power to melt our blockages and boost our energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. In this special session, we will learn about the power of Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy Healing Field and Greatest Love to boost our energy and immunity.