Secrets of Sound Power for Healing and Transforming Family Relationships Vancouver Mar 11


Tao Center Vancouver

Date & Time

March 11th 2021
2:00 pm 3:00 pm
(America/Vancouver UTC -8:00)
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$45 for all 4 sessions

You don’t need to be a singer or a musician to join and experience the profoundly transformative power of sacred sounds, to heal and transform your family relationships.

You don’t even have to have a challenging relationship to benefit. Is there a relationship in your nuclear or extended family, your work family, or any other closely associated group that you would like to see become even better- closer and more authentic? Then, this program is for you!

What you will learn and experience:

• How sacred Tao mantras sung in the Tao Field can uplift your frequency and vibration to transform your family relationships.

• How simple enjoyable practices can transform messages of pain, to feelings of peace.

• How to feel joy by using the body’s natural instrument to self-heal your relationships, and help others heal theirs too.

• How to cultivate a calmer, quieter heart and clearer mind

• How to develop happier, closer, more peaceful, intimate and authentic family relationships.

The possibilities are unlimited! “What you chant is what you become”.

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