Flowing with Life's Ups and Downs - Master Sha

Flowing with Life’s Ups and Downs


Tao Center Honolulu

Date & Time

February 6th 2021
10:00 am 1:00 pm
(UTC UTC + 0:00)
Hosted by: Patrick Sambueno
Virtual Event

$30 (single session)

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January 23: Envision Your Success in 2021

Before we know where we are going, we must visualize the destination and why we want to be there. Many are just going through life having left their dreams and aspirations behind. They have lost the “why” so they are not interested in the what or the how. We will help you ignite that fire within so you can envision what your success looks like for 2021 and find your reason to stride forward. In this workshop you will:
  • Be empowered to connect with the vision of success that you are seeking
  • Learn how to transform the blockages preventing you from visualizing success and leading to complacency.
  • Discover and connect with the soul of your success and align with its purpose
  • Receive Tao wisdom and blessings to expedite your journey to success
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January 30: Writing Your Success Story

Discover the power and significance of Tao Calligraphy and how it gives you the ability to transform deep rooted blockages that have kept you from truly connecting with the success that awaits you. In this interactive workshop:
  • Learn ancient secrets on how art can heal and transform
  • See and feel through writing Tao Calligraphy how one can begin to shed the ropes that hold one back from achieving success
  • Have the opportunity to receive soul readings through your writing on where your blockages are
  • Receive powerful correction blessings that can remove negative messages within your writing that may be challenging your success
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February 6: Flowing with Life’s Ups and Downs

Each participant will learn how to transform responses to life’s challenges that come up. In this workshop:
  • Learn how to control what you can: your inner strength and flexibility.
  • Discover how your emotions could create blockages that prevent forward movement towards your goals and aspirations
  • Receive powerful blessings that can accelerate the transformation of triggers and mindsets so that you are able to respond to both success and obstacles that the new year will bring.
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February 13: Creating a Successful Lifestyle

Bring together all you’ve learned in the first 3 workshops and form the habits that nurtures your success. In this workshop:
  • Learn how to gather all the wisdom and techniques learned in this series to create a lifestyle that will foster a successful wave of positivity that can transform all aspects of life.
  • Be given the next steps so that the your journey to achieving personal success adheres to all aspects of your life.
  • Discover that the pathway to your personal transformation is just beginning and how to continue traveling on that path towards personal fulfillment and true happiness.
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