Tao Calligraphy Movement Meditation Feb 14



Tao Group Melbourne

Date & Time

February 14th 2021
11:30 am 12:30 am
(Australia/Melbourne UTC +11:00)

$10; Members $5

Tao Calligraphy Meditative Movement is a gentle form of exercise that engages your entire body and musculoskeletal system. It uses slow, graceful, flowing movements while focusing your intention on balancing and energizing from within the core of the body (lower abdomen).

The movements are based on the artistic flow of a Tao Calligraphy (Oneness writing), relaxing the muscles so the body moves more freely.

Practicing regularly fosters calmness in the spirit, clarity in the mind, and greater self-awareness in the body.

Regular practitioners experience feeling more in touch with their body, helping them understand its potential and limitations. Regular practice automatically fosters:

• Increased contentment levels
• More self-confidence
• Better emotional balance
• Increased productivity
• Reduced anxiety
• Increased creativity
• Increased mental clarity, focus, and concentration
• Inner peace and calm
• Increased energy levels
• Harmonious relationships
• Overall well-being and health