Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Healing Days – Experience Transformation of Your Finances

Oct 01 - Oct 04

Honor Fee: $400 CAD regular; $300 CAD special
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$400 CAD regular; $300 CAD special
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Most people are interested in flourishing in their finances and health. Almost everyone would agree that good health is a priceless treasure in life and flourishing finances can make life easier, as well as more enjoyable and fulfilling. There is truly no replacement for good health and most of us would relish at the idea of how we can put extra financial resources to good work!

But during these challenging times, new and emerging conditions and stressors may be weighing on our finances and our health. It is important to find the best tools available to maintain, restore, develop, and enhance our good health and financial abundance.

One of the most powerful transformational tools available today is a unique positive information and energy system that you can easily apply to bring positive energy and high frequencies and vibrations directly into your health and finances.

With simple practices it is possible to transform blockages in these areas of your life and move steadily toward your dreams and goals.

In this special 4-day event, you will learn how to tap into a field of pure, positive frequencies and vibrations that can help you create better health and more abundant finances. Learning how to apply this positive information and energy system empowers you to continuously shift these areas into a positive direction so that you can live a happier, healthier, more flourishing life.

This spiritual healing system is easy to learn and powerful to use. It can help you to:

This Positive Energy System can help you to:
  • unlock your healing power
  • access the root causes of your health and financial challenges
  • transform blockages in your health and finances
  • address chronic personal issues affecting your relationships
  • reduce pain and suffering
  • restore balance and harmony
  • feel happier and healthier

In this 4-day event you will receive:

  • Simple tools and practices to help you bring positive information and energy into your health and finances
  • Practices that help you awaken and expand your healing and transformation power
  • Techniques to help you transform blockages to good health and flourishing finances
  • Three Golden Light treasures (transmissions) – one to boost your finances and two to help you transform specific aspects of your health in order to help you maintain your health and wellbeing in these uncertain times
  • And more!

Join us and learn how to start transforming blockages to flourishing finances and health for a more fulfilling life.