Experience the Power – Healing the Inner Messages that Compromise Our Health Mar 3



Date & Time

March 3rd 2021
12:00 pm 1:30 pm
(America/Toronto UTC -5:00)
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Everyone and everything (down to our cells and cell units) emit vibrational fields that consist of positive and negative information (messages) and energy. The quality of the information or message is important. It is like a blueprint that directs energy and matter. Positive information supports good health, happiness, and success, while negative information weighs us down and bring challenges. 

One of the keys to healing is to transform negative messages and energy within. If we can access a high-frequency, positive field and apply its pure, positive information and energy to problem areas in our lives, we can more easily heal and transform our lives.

In this brief session we will experience the power of the Tao Oneness Healing Field that carries the pure, positive messages and energy of Tao Oneness. With simple practices we can absorb this positive, high frequency information right where we need it. With targeted practice we can begin to transform our challenges and nourish a more positive, healthy, and bright future.