Tao Hands Practitioner Training Workshop Portland Mar 19-20


Tao Center Portland

Date & Time

March 19th 2021
6:00 pm March 21st 2021 6:00 pm
(UTC UTC + 0:00)
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$595 USD

Tao Hands are a unique spiritual light transmission that carry a high-level Oneness field, frequency and vibration, with Oneness love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. Tao Hands offer blessings to transform negative fields, frequency and vibration to positive fields, frequency and vibration.

The Tao Hands Practitioner Training Program is uniquely offered through Master Zhi Gang Sha and Certified Master Teachers of the Tao Academy. During the training, Tao Hands Practitioners are empowered to offer blessings for health, relationships, finance, business, intelligence, spiritual journey, and more. Tao Hands can be used to offer blessings to yourself, others, groups and remotely.

Tao Hands empower you in the possibility to bring transformation to your life and the lives of others. With Tao Hands, go beyond thinking or wishing for a meaningful path. You are handed a meaningful existence. You could make a positive difference in the lives of your loved ones and yourself.  

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand who is Master Zhi Gang Sha and his passion to help humanity to become healthier, happier and reach their highest potentials.
  • Experience and explain Tao Hand’s transformational abilities to bless your health, relationships, finance, business and more.
  • Offer Tao hands to self, loved ones, pets , friends and more
  • Demonstrate your commitment to living your highest potential through setting one actionable goal to better your life.
  • Identify how you will continue to make changes in your life to become the best that you can be, fulfill your life purposes, and reach your highest potentials.