Tao of Health, Rejuvenation & Longevity

Aug 18
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT +10:00)

Soulfulness Centre • Sydney
242 Pacific Hwy, Crow's Nest
Sydney, NSW 2065, AU

Honor Fee: AUD$70 P/W; AUD$52 Senior Concession; AUD$35 Student Concession;
0421 529519

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Come learn and experience Tao Sacred Wisdom and Practical Techniques for your greater health, happiness and success in life.

Tao of Health, Rejuvenation & Longevity with Henderson Ong, Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy

We all want long, healthy, happy, and productive lives. What are the spiritual principles and ancient wisdom needed to achieve this?

Human being has two parts of life, a physical life and a spiritual life. Most people are focusing on their physical life. Many people are aiming on their spiritual life.

During this one day immersion workshop learn and experience:

  • Ancient Chinese wisdom about what everyone and everything is made of soul, heart, mind, body (energy and matter).
  • How to apply this wisdom so it is relevant and meaningful to our modern day lives, and empowering for our health and vitality.
  • Key principles of physical life and the spiritual life, and how this relates to our happiness, health and success.
  • Practical techniques that combine ancient wisdom with new scientific insights, and a "how to" practice that will actually yield results.

Tailored Tao Healing services will also be made available as part of the deeper integration and transformational experience.