Tao Song Tao Dance Certification Retreat

May 21 - May 25
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT -5:00 Eastern Time )

Honor Fee: CAD $295
Information: Customer Service
888 339 6815 ex100

“The Tao Song that Master Sha sings is a musical gift.
His voice is incredible and carries incredible power.
It is like the voice of God singing.”
Roberta Flack
Grammy Award-winning American songstress and humanitarian

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Sound and movement have always been a significant part of our journey. Song and dance can touch us instantly and deeply in areas of our being that may otherwise be difficult to connect with. And now the idea that singing and dancing can make us happier and healthier is receiving great support!

Imagine what it would be like to flow out high heavenly frequencies when you sing and dance. Wouldn’t that increase the joy, bliss and healing power of song and dance?

In Master Sha’s teaching, Tao is the Source. With Tao Song and Tao Dance, we are taught how to connect with Source and bring the high frequency and vibration of source love and more into our song and dance, which can bless everyone and everything.

This workshop shows us the way, teaching us how to open and clarify our song and dance channels to be able to connect with and flow the Source frequency more and more. Participants will have the opportunity to receive a transmission to be able to instantly activate a Source frequency through their Tao Song and Tao Dance, but this is not required. Everyone can learn how to practice and enjoy Tao Song and Tao Dance to increase the joy and benefits of song and dance for themselves and others.

Tao Song and Tao Dance helps us to heal, as the high frequency can help us transform negative messages and accumulate more positive messages, bringing us into greater soul, heart, mind and body alignment. When properly trained, our Tao Song and Tao Dance can also help others in the same way.

Join with Master Sha as he offers wisdom, special teachings and practices, and unique Tao Light Transmissions for Tao Song or Tao Dance, which gives us the incredible opportunity to be able to bless oneself and others with the high positive frequency and vibration of the Tao Song or Tao Dance transmission. In this way, practitioners of Tao Song and Tao Dance are truly gifted in a special and powerful way to be able to serve humanity.

During the retreat you will learn and experience:

  • More joy, connection and alignment within your soul heart mind and body 
  • How to improve energy, happiness and well-being through song and dance
  • How to open and release your Tao Song and Tao Dance for blessing all life
  • How to develop your Seven Soul Houses (chakras) and Tao Song and Tao Dance channels for nourishing health, vitality, happiness and longevity
  • Powerful mantras to align and maintain the seven Soul Houses for blessing oneself and others
  • How to develop the foundation energy centers that are significant for your health and vitality and for opening and maintaining your Tao Song Tao Dance Channels
  • How to bring happiness and well-being to others through Tao Song and Tao Dance.
  • The opportunity to receive Tao Song Tao Dance practitioner transmissions and to certify as a Tao Song Tao Dance practitioner.

Embark upon a journey of discovery with Master Sha and further your physical and spiritual progress through Tao Song and Tao Dance.