Uncover the Truth of Creation — Transform Health, Finances, Relationships and More

The #1 reason the money hasn’t manifested, that relationship hasn’t come into your life, or the health challenge may not have healed yet is because most of us are taught that manifesting begins in the mind.

Most of us have been convinced that our thoughts are responsible for manifesting our reality. And while that is somewhat true, it’s only a glimpse of a much bigger system taking place.

What if we told you that your mind wasn’t the one responsible for creating your thoughts?

What if you knew the higher order universal law that leads to their generation on autopilot?

With this knowledge in hand, would you continue working on your mindset or would you work on the higher system creating it?

In this MASTERCLASS, we share a five-step 5000-year-old manifestation system that was discovered by Dr. & Master Sha, an 11-Time NY Times Bestselling Author, world renowned healer, receiver of the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Award and more.

You will learn about the ancient universal law creating your reality for you on autopilot so you can… 

  • Take more control over what you manifest into your life.
  • Leverage the science of quantum physics to manifest at quantum speeds.
  • And most importantly, get out of your head so you can get into your power!

Just select the CENTER LOCATION below that works for you, as they’ll be more opportunities for you in that area and time zone, and get your start now on attracting stronger health, the right relationships, and more income into your life!

We look forward to seeing you on the other side!


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