Free Services

Master Sha’s mission includes teaching universal service to empower people to serve humanity unconditionally. He is honored to be a servant of humanity, the universe, the Divine and all souls. As a part of this universal service, Master Sha and his Certified Master Teachers provide free services, including blessings, spiritual practices and wisdom teachings.

Explore the free services and offerings below:

  • Free Services: Master Sha and his Certified Master Teachers offer many free blessings to help you to stay healthy and happy. Join us for Sunday Tao Blessings teleconferences as well as experiencing other free special services.
  • Gifts to Humanity: Master Sha offers Divine blessings as a gift to humanity, including Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness and Divine World Peace.
  • Soul Practices: The Four Power Techniques® are simple spiritual practices for helping you to maintain your ideal life. Master Sha’s sacred Say Hello Healing® formula teaches you how to use Soul Power to experience Soulfulness.
  • Divine Soul Song: Love, Peace and Harmony is the first song Master Sha received through his spiritual channels, and it’s become a part of his mission.
  • Tao Song : Tao Song is a profound Soul Song from Source. It carries the frequency and vibration of the light of Da Tao. You may wish to watch the video repeatedly as a part of your spiritual and wellness practices.
  • Chanting Channel: Join friends from around the world to chant. For thousands of years, singing or chanting has been a powerful spiritual practice for maintaining well-being.
  • YouTube Channel: Try practices and explore wisdom teachings taught by Master Sha. Watch inspiring stories about Soulfulness.
  • Greatest Love: Chant and trace the divine phrase Da Ai (Greatest Love).

If there is one quality that integrates wisdom traditions of the East and West, it is the deep appreciation of the fundamental importance of love and compassion for human life, and by extension, the world. Written by a Master Healer and Teacher, with the assistance of two of his colleagues, Greatest Love gracefully outlines practical strategies for using our minds to foster unconditional love for ourselves, humanity, and the planet. We are introduced to ancient Chinese wisdom such as Tian Ren He Yi which means "the big universe and human beings join as one." Though Western science has yet to understand and research some of the conclusions and recommendations expressed in this book, the beauty lies in the fact that such visionary science can be conducted in the future. The authors honor and celebrate the trinity of soul, heart, and love.