Master Your Life with
Open Spiritual Channels

May 28-30, 10am – 5pm ET
Via webcast with replay | with Master Teachers of Tao Academy

Every participant of this retreat will also be gifted a Tao Light Massage Session with Master Sha on May 29th from 10-11am ET.

You may have had moments in your life when you felt the presence of a higher consciousness to comfort, guide or protect you.

Perhaps you see or hear spiritual messages, but you’re not sure where they come from, if they are accurate, or even what they always mean?

You may dream of having clear, higher guidance for your life without understanding that you have the ability to receive it yourself – you just need to know how.

Imagine living without uncertainty or indecision!


There is a Roadmap

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha laid a clear foundation and roadmap for mastering how to access guidance and information through soul communication. In his teachings, soul (or spirit) is information, and information is soul or spirit. Simply put, soul communication, in its various forms, is what connects us to the information highway of the universe!

There are different forms of soul communication through four distinct spiritual channels. Developing these channels opens multiple avenues on the information highway and a whole new way of life.

Imagine being able to:

  • Get to know your higher consciousness and spirit guides
  • Access personal guidance from your favorite saint(s) or angel(s)
  • Receive specific information to help you in your life
  • See third eye images and hear other spiritual messages
  • Have conversations with holy beings, nature, and more
  • Get new wisdom and information directly from heaven

This Workshop

This unique workshop will be taught by the leading Master Teachers of Tao Academy: Francisco Quintero, Peter Hudoba, and David Lusch. You will receive soul secrets, practical techniques and special high-frequency blessings that can empower you to open and develop your spiritual channels and live a better life.

Specifically, you will learn about and experience:

  • The power and significance of four spiritual channels: Soul Language, Direct Soul Communication, Third Eye and Direct Knowing channels
  • How to open and develop your Soul Language Channel – the foundation of all the channels.
  • How to tap into the information highway and receive guidance for your life
  • Practical techniques for developing the Direct Soul Communication, Third Eye, and Direct Knowing channels
  • Wisdom, practices and blessings to improve your soul communication and healing skills
  • The opportunity to receive special transmissions to help you open and develop further your spiritual channels

These skills are now more important than ever. 

Join now and get the training and support you need to be able to attain crucial guidance and insights for yourself and your loved ones.

Empower yourself by receiving extraordinary wisdom, techniques, and blessings that can greatly enhance your life and all that you do.