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Monthly Blessing

August 2021 – Blessing for Opening Your Heart to Unconditional Love

Each month we offer one or more special blessings for the physical and spiritual journey. Each month’s offer is a unique opportunity that is available for a limited time.

This month we are offering:

Blessing for Opening Your Heart to Unconditional Love

The power of unconditional love is unlimited. When you have unconditional love in your heart, you can overcome life’s challenges and accept and forgive others with your whole heart.  

Unconditional love is offered freely, with no expectations of return. It is about recognizing and loving others from your heart and forgiving them for their mistakes.

Unconditional love does not waver when hardships and problems arise. With unconditional love, you offer the greatest love and always wish happiness for others.

Unconditional love helps you accept imperfections without judgment. It helps you become gentler, kinder, and more respectful in every situation, no matter what happens. Instead of negative reactions, with unconditional love in your heart, you can respond with understanding. This is the key to harmonious and long-lasting relationships.

If you have pets, you forgive your pets when they knock something over or make a mess. Your pet accepts you, whether or not you are at your best. Giving unconditional love to other people can be more difficult. Accept this blessing to cultivate this greatest love in your heart and soul and receive a key to well-being and a truly happy and successful life. With unconditional love, you become a force for serving and helping others in the most profound way.  

When parents love their children unconditionally, they grow up to be healthier, stronger, and more resilient, secure, and aware of their intrinsic worth and the worth of every being. With the self-love that grows from unconditional love, our thoughts, actions, and words all flow in a positive direction. When we give unconditional love to others, they can listen, grow, and develop more unconditional love for themselves, family, friends, coworkers, humanity, and the world. 

Absorb and share this blessing to open your heart to forgiveness, compassion, and the extraordinary healing power of unconditional love.

Open your heart to receive this Blessing for Opening Your Heart to Unconditional Love

Registration is open through August 26, 2021 at 12pm Pacific Time. 

After completing your registration, you and/or your loved ones will receive the blessing on the following Sunday until August 29, 2021 during the Sunday Blessings teleconference. Registered recipients do not need to be present on the teleconference to receive the blessing.

Honor Fees and Registration Honor Fee:
Only CAD $70 per recipient. Regular honor fee is $300. Click here to register.
Each registration goes to one recipient. Fill out one online form for each recipient.