Do you sometimes feel like you need a miracle? - Master Sha

Do you sometimes feel like
you need a miracle?

Empower yourself with
Tao Healing Hands!

Introductory Session with Francisco Quintero
Recorded April 7, 2021

The session is a little over an hour long.  At the 49 minute mark, you can experience a Tao Healing Hands Blessing from Francisco and other practitioners, but we invite you to take your time to enjoy the Intro session and all the information that is presented!

More on Tao Healing Hands

Tao Healing Hands is a spiritual transmission that carries the frequency, vibration, and information, energy, and matter of Tao (Source). Tao Healing Hands radiates out the Tao qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and more.

Everything has a vibrational field that contains information, energy, and matter. According to Dr. and Master Sha, creator of Tao Healing Hands and co-founder of Tao Science with quantum physicist, Dr. Rulin Xiu, what science calls information (or message) is the same as soul or spirit. It is this very aspect of our being that leads our lives. The positive information we carry in our soul is aligned with our true essence, like the Tao qualities of love, forgiveness, and compassion. The negative information we carry in our soul is associated with our challenges, such as unbalanced emotions, negative thinking, health challenges and more.

Tao Healing Hands carry the high frequency and positive information of Tao and the Tao qualities of unconditional love, light, forgiveness, and compassion. Tao Healing Hands has the power to transform the negative information at the root of our many challenges. This could happen instantly or little by little. In this way, Tao Healing Hands can help restore balance and harmony and support progress toward better health and happiness.

With Tao Healing Hands, you are empowered to serve yourself, your loved ones, and your community, including pets, plants, homes, businesses and more.

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