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Dec 2 2019

December 2: Forgiveness Heals, by David Lusch in the New Spirit Journal

December 2, 2019

Most of us have had the experience of having hurt someone, or of making a serious mistake, and then being forgiven. If we reflect on this, we may be able to remember how grateful we were to be forgiven.

If we contrast this with a time that we may have hurt someone, but were not forgiven, we may remember how this felt also, and how it may have impacted our relationship with that person. If the relationship continues, there may be undertones and blockages related to this lack of forgiveness.

No matter which side of the fence we are on, it’s easy to feel the wholesome, positive impact of forgiveness in contrast to the constricted nature of unforgiveness and its potential hardships. It’s clear which one leads to health and happiness, and which one leads to stress, grief, anger, pain, suffering, conflict, and more.

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