News - Master Sha
Feb 4 2019

Master Richard Rogers and Emerick Desormeaux are interviewed on Love Code about Transforming Your Business Environment

Richard Rogers is currently a Business Owner of a number of successful businesses in the UK. He is a qualified accountant and has worked in the Corporate world in a number of senior roles. He has also been the Project Director for a number of multi-million pound projects. Richard spent a large part of his life chasing contracts and building profitable businesses but, in the last few years, he started to feel that there was something missing in his life. His search for what this could be led him to Dr and Master Sha, who has helped him transform so many aspects of his personal, family and business life. Richard is now a Teacher at Master Sha’s Tao Academy allowing him to share all the wisdom/teachings to help and empower people to also improve their lives. Today Richard continues to run all his businesses along with being a Teacher at Master Sha’s Tao Academy. He is pleased to say that the gap in his life has now been filled.