News - Master Sha
Oct 24 2019

October 18: Masters Gilles King and Venier WS Wong Present Martinique with its First Tao Chang Session

On October 17th, Master Gilles King and Master Venier Wong traveled to Martinique in the Caribbean, where Master Gilles has journeyed often in his humanitarian efforts to help the people of the Caribbean islands to heal and transform their lives. But this trip was different. They were bringing a very large and powerful Tao Source Healing Light Field (Tao Chang) made of some of Master Sha’s most current and advanced Tao Calligraphies.

The Tao Source Healing Light Field is a field of pure information, energy and matter of the Source, which is poured into each calligraphy when Master Sha connects with Tao Source and writes this very unique form of calligraphy also known as Oneness writing. In this field, we can heal and transform the negative information or messages within us that can block our health and happiness. Blessings from this field bring the pure positive information of Source right into our very beings for continuous support.

Their event, held on Oct. 18, was sold out before their Facebook ad even went out. With a full house, they helped many people to transform their pain. Master Gilles reported that 100% of people who came on stage for demonstrations went to their seats pain free.

“One of them had a pain behind her shoulder plate for 25 years. She said doctors told her nobody can remove this pain… she had to live with it.”

Because of Master Sha’s Tao Chang, after 5 minutes she was pain free.

“The whole room could see the surprise on her face”.

Master Gilles also reports that over 95% of the people who came left with dramatic pain reduction or absolutely no pain.

On October 25th, Master Gilles and Master Venier return to deliver another Tao Chang session with Master Francisco Quintero joining the team!