Apr 22 2021

Stories of Transformation – Master Sha helps with feelings of anxiety and powerlessness

Tao Healing Hands is a spiritual transmission that can help prevent and heal illness, create harmony in relationships, enhance finances and business, and guide users to fulfil their true potential. It helps people from all over the world – people like Cenly Wong.

All her life, Cenly Wong suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts, and, in 2016, after being hospitalized six times in one year, she no longer felt able to care for her four boys. Cenly felt like she was no longer in control of her own life and wanted to take back that control. Initially drawn to the Da Ai calligraphies, Cenly found Master Sha and Tao Healing Hands through the teachings of Master Teacher Christine Battelo. She is now living an empowered life. Learn more»