Apr 5 2021

Tao Calligraphy – Healing ourselves and each other, by Master Sha

KOSMOS Mixed Media Gallery, Spring, 2021

Our world is more divided and disconnected than perhaps at any other time in our history. We are facing storms of our own creation. Existential threats of climate change and annihilation drive humanity’s inability and reluctance to truly come together and share the energy that connects us all. 

The only future for our survival must be through awakening to the symbiotic power within us all and within the universe. We are all we have in this world, and it is only through our actions right now that the future of the planet can be assured. Without an individual yet cohesive acknowledgement of the scale of the challenges we’re living through, survival is not assured. 

We need revolutionary ways to heal ourselves, heal each other, and together to bring this higher consciousness to our everyday journey on this planet. Creating new healing arts through the utilization and true understanding of ancient forms provides us with an authentic opportunity to do just that.

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