William Gladstone on Gratitude: Master Sha and the Power of Thanking Others - Master Sha William Gladstone on Gratitude: Master Sha and the Power of Thanking Others - Master Sha
Nov 6 2015

William Gladstone on Gratitude: Master Sha and the Power of Thanking Others

William Gladstone
William Gladstone

Through working with Master Sha, I’ve learned how gratitude is a powerful element of healing.

This past month I was able to experience four events with Master Sha — a preview of the 13-part television series Soul Healing Miracles with Master Sha; a special taping at the home of Adam and Randi Markel, the owners of Peak Potentials; a special healing and calligraphy demonstration at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and a free event held at Agape International in Culver City, Calif. All four events were full of light and positive energy, and all four demonstrated the power of gratitude.

Recently, I have been asked to organize an event called Earth Gratitude Day, which will take place on April 22, 2016. People worldwide will already be celebrating Earth Day on April 22, but this special event adds the powerful element of gratitude. It is anticipated that more than five million people will participate online in Earth Gratitude Day. The inspiration for Earth Gratitude Day comes from the film Tapping the Source, in which more than 120 authors, actors, health experts, visionary leaders, business leaders, artists and athletes were interviewed. When asked what is the key to happiness, the majority responded that some form of expressing gratitude and being of service to others were the two most important elements in their everyday lives. This intrigued me, and I have since read reports by scientists at major universities that expressing gratitude has been among the highest correlations with happiness. Recent neuroscience studies have found that on a biological level, there are chemical changes in human beings who express gratitude on a daily basis.

Gratitude in Action

Observing Master Sha, who performed healings at the events in California, I was reminded that the expression of gratitude is at the core of Master Sha’s healing practice. At the end of each of his forgiveness practices, Master Sha thanks the Divine for healing. Master Sha also asks everyone to remember to say “thank you, thank you, thank you” at the end of each healing session. Master Sha is not asking people to thank him. He is asking people to thank the Source, whether they believe in God or just a scientific principle for all that they receive. This gratitude is not just for the healing experience, but for life itself. Master Sha always thanks the Divine and the Tao whenever he does a healing. For major healings he does more than just express gratitude in words — he has members of his family in China burn offerings of thanks to the higher beings that he believes provide the healings.

Another lesson related to gratitude that can be learned from Master Sha is his constant expressions of gratitude to all who serve him. As his literary agent and biographer, Master Sha is constantly thanking me and giving me public appreciation for my small role in helping him with his mission. Master Sha thanks everyone who assists him whether their contribution is large or small. At Agape, Master Sha did not just thank Rev. Michael Beckwith, the founder of Agape, for the opportunity to utilize the Agape Sanctuary Hall, but also all those who worked behind the scenes. Master Sha always thanks his Certified Master Teachers and those who have volunteered to experience his healings. After every healing, he always asks the audience to give a round of applause to the healing participants, which is just another way of thanking those who are willing to receive the healings.

The depth of Master Sha’s gratitude to his own teachers can be observed in almost every encounter. Master Sha comes from a traditional Chinese background so his expression of gratitude is to bow down to his teachers. The video of Master Sha receiving a blessing and knowledge of sacred calligraphy from his 103-year-old calligraphy teacher shows Master Sha bowing down to her in deep reverence for several minutes. When Master Sha is successful in healing someone, he immediately smiles and thanks the Divine. He often bows down to Divine spirit in deep gratitude and reverence and constantly reminds all who listen that it is the Divine who heals and not him.

Saying Thank You

Whether you believe in Master Sha’s ability to perform healing miracles or not, there is much that can be learned from observing the role of gratitude in his life and his healing mission. It has been stated by the German theologian Meister Eckhart centuries ago that the only prayer needed isthank you. Observing Master Sha is a constant reminder of this truth, and for all the joy and blessings he has given me over the last several years representing him, I am delighted to offer a formal thank you here.

No doubt there are many people in your own life to whom you can never adequately express your gratitude. Perhaps it is a parent, sibling or even your own child. I strongly suggest that sometime later today or tomorrow you contact one of these angels in your own life and just say, “Thank you.” If they ask you why you are thanking them, perhaps you should tell them because you are grateful they are in your life. Gratitude does not have to be complicated. Thank you really is enough.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

William Gladstone, a literary agent and author, is considered an international expert on indigenous cultures and the meaning of 2012. He is also co-producer of the film, Tapping the Source. Gladstone is the host of the PBS special Soul Healing Miracles with Master Sha . Visit www.12TheBook.com.