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Improving Your Financial Well-Being

By Master Zhi Gang Sha and Adam Markel

Oftentimes in business and life we are caught up in what is urgent, worrisome or not working instead of focusing on how we can actually fundamentally change to create a different outcome. Sometimes we forget that our soul has the power to create financial abundance.

Imagine a cold, rainy night. You’re driving home from a party. It’s late and you’re tired. Visibility isn’t great but you’ve driven this route many times. It’s no problem.

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Clearing Karma Increases Abundance

By Master Zhi Gang Sha and Adam Markel

We’ve all heard the simple explanation for karma: What goes around, comes around. It makes sense, but can karma affect your financial well-being?

According to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, karma is the record of your service in all your lifetimes. Karma can be good or bad. Good karma is created by actions, words and thoughts performed with love, care and compassion — making others happier and healthier. Bad karma happens through actions, words and thoughts delivered with ill intent, including killing, cheating, stealing, criticizing — which can hurt and harm others.

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