About Dr. Rulin Xiu

Dr. Rulin Xiu

A theoretical physicist focused on string and grand unification theories, Dr. Rulin Xiu’s work was at a standstill until she was inspired and guided by Dr. and Master Sha to mathematically formulate soul, mind, heart, and consciousness.

Using physics, she subsequently created a grand unification theory to unify soul, spirit, mind, heart, and consciousness with physical existence. In short, Rulin Xiu found a way to scientifically prove the existence of soul.

Born and raised in China, Dr. Xiu received her doctorate degree from UC Berkeley in 1994 for her research on string theory and grand unification theory (GUT). She is also an entrepreneur, herbalist, singer, healer, avid gardener, and author. Her previous work includes the book Divine Love, and she hopes to inspire readers around the world to understanding of the importance of soul and knowledge of how to heal and revitalize this important cornerstone of our lives. As a dedicated student of Master Sha, Dr. Xiu devotes her life to seeking the ultimate truth.