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Denver Tao Group

Group Sessions:

Currently meeting on Zoom or teleconference

Wednesdays, 7-8 pm

P.O. Box 201855, Denver, CO 80220
308 589 5440

Our Tao Group began in 2008 with Brock Schwartz, followed by Shirley Jenkins and then by Marcia Sasaki.  With COVID restrictions, we are now meeting online via Zoom or phone.  We are open to those on a journey to self-discovery and anyone who wishes to improve their health and wellness in any aspect of life. 

Our focus is learning and sharing ancient and new techniques and wisdom that have proven to be powerful in transformation and self-renewal.  We provide a safe and open setting for self-exploration and connection to self and others in uncertain times.  

We share, support, and promote the Love, Peace and Harmony Foundation’s fundamental core values of everyone being a part of positive solutions to bring world peace through humanitarian, environmental, interpersonal action and more.  We believe in the innate goodness or spirit in everyone and everything and wish to support all who seek to achieve their highest, best potential.


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