Nature and the Environment

Mother Earth is our home. She provides us with everything we need, yet she is facing many challenges and threats to her existence, including pollution of waterways and air, overconsumption of natural resources, and more. We are grateful that soul wisdom and Tao soul practices can help humanity come into alignment with Mother Earth again, and heal in the process.

Mother Earth – Loving and Honoring our Water

Tara Muenz has long been sensitive to how humanity treats Mother Earth and her precious resources, particularly water. Since childhood, she has communed with Mother Earth and her rivers, streams and oceans for renewal and spiritual connection. In her professional life, she is dedicated to supporting Mother Earth and the environment in numerous ways as a conservation ecologist. She is also a Tao Soul Practitioner and Master Teacher, which enables her to bring the influence of soul wisdom into the scientific arenas of conservation ecology and environmental protection.

In my mid-twenties, my soul was calling to assist the earth in many more ways. I was feeling empty in my research and teaching. Then I was given the book: Soul Mind Body Medicine by Master Sha and my soul was nourished and empowered. I started using these techniques with my animal companions and in relationships, and now everywhere in my life, including my research and education paths to help Mother Earth.  ~ Master Tara

Teaching Others

As part of her work, Master Tara teaches 1000s of students and citizens each year, all over the world. She says that the ability to use soul communication has dramatically improved her work on all levels, including in her relationships with Mother Earth, the bodies of water and organisms she studies, projects and colleagues, and with the individuals she teaches.

Imagine the impact of planting the seeds of soul wisdom and soul communication in the hearts of those she encounters! In her classes she often teaches the following:

  1. How to communicate with the soul of the rivers (and water) and receive messages and wisdom. 
  2. How to offer love to rivers to improve their condition through the sacred Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony1, and through chanting the sacred mantra ‘Da Ai2,’ (Greatest Love) and by simply connecting with the love they have in their hearts and sharing it with the river and all its life (crayfish, turtles, fishes, insects, etc.)
  3. How the ecology of freshwater systems works: How rivers function, what are their indicators of health, and how to protect these waterways through better choices, reducing their pollution impact and more.

Many have reported that these teachings leave them feeling empowered and ready to implement changes in their lives that impact water in a positive manner. 

Most people aren’t aware how little fresh water is available to us and how incredibly important their choices are to the vitality of this resource. ~ Master Tara.

Master Tara is also immensely grateful for the empowerments she has received through her studies with Master Sha and the Tao Academy, which increase her ability to serve. One of these empowerments is Tao Hands. The following is an example of how she has applied Tao Hands (and more) in her work.

Tao Blessings for the Altamaha River

In the summer of 2012, along with 300 others, Master Tara embarked on a journey kayaking and canoeing over 105-miles on the Altamaha River in Georgia, one of the most endangered rivers in the U.S.

She led a team to research and monitor the water quality of the main portions of the river and its tributaries, to give us a snapshot of its health.

“Like a doctor, we need to look at the river from many angles, addressing the biological, chemical and physical aspects of the water. We took its heartbeat and pulse throughout the 7 day journey, many times during the day. And each day, I also gave blessings to the river.” says Master Tara

Master Tara had received the Tao Hands transmission. Each day she would ask Tao Hands to bless the river, the watershed and all souls affecting the watershed. She sang her Soul Song3 as they floated the river, and she even put stickers of the sacred mantra and code: San San Jiu Liu Ba You Wu4, or 3396815 on her kayak and asked it to bless the river as well.

She did this for 7 days, without attachment to any outcomes, trusting Tao Hands and the sacred mantras. One month later she was thrilled to learn that a few major blockages for the protection of the river were removed and the river was getting more respect and protection. She was very grateful to hear this exciting news!

Future Research

As a researcher and scientist, Master Tara has already engaged in pilot research using blessings for particular waterways and aspects of water. She is using this experience to inform and shape her future efforts of scientific inquiry.

Focus on the Light

Though many of us can see and feel the challenges and changes occurring environmentally and may experience the suffering on Mother Earth, Master Tara emphasizes the importance of connecting with the joy, love and peace that exists on Mother Earth, and focus on the light. She feels the teaching of Master Sha and Tao Academy help her to do just that.


1The sacred Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony is a Divine Soul Song that carries divine frequency and vibration.
2Da Ai – Greatest Love is the first of the Ten Greatest Tao Qualities and carries the vibration of Tao Love and more.
3Soul Song is the song of one’s soul.
4The mantra “San San Jiu Liu Ba You Wu” or “3396815” is a sacred number code and healing mantra that can be applied for many things, including to open your Soul Language and Soul Song.

About Master Tara

Tara is a Master Teacher of the Tao Academy and a conservation ecologist, trained as a freshwater ecologist and environmental educator. She holds an MS in Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development from the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology, and a BA in Zoology from Miami University of Ohio. She has over 18 years of experience in research and environmental education.

Tara’s interests are in connecting humanity to Mother Earth’s heart through research, environmental education, and teaching about freshwater stewardship and sustainability. She brings the power of soul and Tao soul practices into her scientific research and outreach whenever possible, in conferences, meetings and student classes, teaching about the tools and wisdom.

Tara has published many peer-reviewed scientific articles, presented at national conferences and given over 350 trainings to citizen scientists across the world. She has also written and been awarded large federal grants for her work from such entities as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation.