Tao Song Healing Hour with Master Sha

Hosted by: Master Sha

His voice is incredible and carries incredible power. … The Tao Song that Master Sha sings is a musical gift beyond the sound of any voice singing that you can hear every day. … His voice is like the voice of God singing. God’s voice in his body is so unique that it is definitely a healing sound.

~ Roberta Flack, Grammy Award winner and humanitarian

Wednesdays, from 12-1 pm ET
(Note: Changed from Sundays 9 – 10 am ET)

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We now know that sound healing is real. Scientific research shows that certain frequencies can help heal various conditions as well as promote and effect positive changes in cell activity and many physiological functions. We also know that higher frequencies have greater healing power and lower frequencies can serve to create more stress, disharmony, etc.

Sound healing can come in many forms (music, toning, an emitted frequency from a machine, etc.), but what do we have with us at all times?

Our voice. Our soul. Our song.

We also have a connection to Source that we can learn to draw upon and bring through our song, dance and music. This is what Master Sha calls Tao Song, Tao Dance and Tao Music.

Master Sha’s connection to Source is clear, powerful, and palpable.

His Tao Song creates a Tao Source Healing Field.

When he sings his Tao Song, everyone present receives an infusion of the very high, gentle frequencies, vibrations, positive information, energy and matter of Tao Source that can heal and positively shift our fields, our challenges, our requests.

MANY BENEFITS can come from joining this healing session. Not only will every participant have the opportunity to potentially experience relief from symptoms, pain and suffering, but they will have the opportunity to attune to these frequencies and receive nourishment, upliftment, increased energy, stamina and vitality, boosted immunity, greater love, peace, harmony, joy, and much more.

Join Master Sha’s Tao Song Healing Sessions to nourish and create greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, vitality, happiness and success.