Tao Song is transformative sound frequencies that could support one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in deeply profound ways.

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What makes Tao Song uniquely powerful is that it is sacred sound frequencies combined with the purest positive frequency of Tao Source. Its high-vibrational sound resonance and amplitude has an expanded capacity to bring Tao’s love, light, and other empowering qualities to the listener.

Master Sha’s wide collection of Tao Songs  are fine-tuned to transform many different aspects of your physical and mental-emotional health (specific organs, emotions, etc).

When Tao Song technology is activated, it creates a quantum field that carries high-dimensional frequency, positive energy, information and matter that could transform negative energy, information and matter in your life.

Tao Song is  more than art. Each of Master Sha’s Tao Songs are transformative sound frequencies. It is a unique combination of the ancient power of sound infused with higher-dimension frequency of source. It can elevate your life instantly, and bring transformation to you – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. 

Dr. & Master Sha is a powerful channel of Tao, and is able to imbue Tao Song with the highest positive vibration and frequency.  That is why Tao Song has a field that carries Source love, light, frequency, vibration, positive energy, information, and matter that could transform negative energy, information, and matter in your life.


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You can start experiencing the power of Tao Song right away, wherever you are… 

Listen to Master Sha’s Tao Songs, that are directly flowed by him and fine-tuned to transform different aspects of your physical and mental-emotional health (specific organs, emotions, etc.)

Ready to explore the wide collection of Tao Songs, and feel its high-frequency resonance All you need to do is press play and follow-along with Master Sha for 10 minutes – trace, chant, and breathe to transform powerfully! Plus, you get unlimited access for 30 days.

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