Tao Soul Readings are offered by our trained and experienced Master Teachers of the Tao Academy. Francisco and Alexia will tap into the information that is stored in your heart and soul, as well as connect with the soul world and the sources of wisdom and light in the higher realms, to offer you insight, loving messages, guidance, blessings, and more.

These sessions are healing in their own right, as the messages are often heart-opening, but clear, practical guidance can be found as well. During these readings, you can be assisted to:

  • Find purpose and direction in your life
  • Feel more connected to your heart and soul and your self-healing abilities
  • Overcome blockages in health, relationships, and finances
  • Gain confidence and clarity about your decisions
  • Develop a more positive outlook (transform negative thinking)
  • Create a greater flow of abundance in your life
  • Experience more peace and joy every day
  • And more!

Each session will include one Tao Light Transmission – a permanent Tao Light Ball with pure, positive information, energy, and matter for your request. This will support your healing and transformation journey. Just review the team, make your selection, and click through to book your consultation!

Francisco Quintero is a Master Teacher of the Tao Academy who has developed training programs around the world based on the teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha. As the leading teacher at the Tao Academy, he has assisted in training over 6,000 Tao Practitioners and Teachers and has been featured on German television, BBC Radio, and in numerous European publications. Author of Divine Joy: How to Experience Joy in Daily Life, Francisco teaches how to overcome life’s challenges through simple yet powerful practices. A diagnosis of high blood pressure changed his life and led him to explore alternative medicine. He has traveled with Master Sha across five continents and continues to help people all over the world to live with joy. Francisco is a top soul communicator and reader.

Alexia Cito is a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy and Global Co-Director of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation. Her heart’s greatest wish is to see Master Sha’s mission come true – that everyone and everything live in Love Peace Harmony. Alexia worked in film and television both behind and in-front of the camera for over a decade before awakening more deeply to her true soul calling, to help others be happier, healthier, and more empowered and enlightened using the practices of Dr. and Master Sha. She specializes in soul readings, public speaking, community service outreach and leadership development with young people.

Personal consultations FAQs

Yes. There will be additional fees for blessings and services you choose to receive on the recommendation of the Tao Calligraphy Teacher and Healer.

Appointments are not recorded.

You may receive a call from the center to confirm the appointment. The teacher will call the client the day of the appointment.

There is free cancellation 72 hours before consultation, a 50% cancellation charge for 72-24 hours before cancellation, and no cancellation within 24 hours.

To prepare, choose a question or life challenge that you want to find guidance to resolve.