Akshaya Dwivedi - Master Sha Akshaya Dwivedi - Master Sha

Akshaya Dwivedi

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy
Region of Residence

Akshaya Dwivedi is a Licensed Tao Calligraphy Field Level 1 Master Teacher and Practitioner. It took him almost a decade of restless youth and years of exploration before Akshaya had the honor to meet his most beloved spiritual teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Akshaya graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, in 2001. Despite having a strong scientific background, he was always drawn to metaphysics, spirituality, and alternative healing modalities. He had the privilege of reading powerful books on metaphysics and studying various healing techniques.

Even as he continued to learn from different spiritual masters, there was a big void within him that somehow kept increasing, as if there was no respite to his restlessness. There were many questions but very few answers.

He was looking for a higher purpose in his life, his soul searching for a higher meaning. As his heart wept for the true Master to appear in his life, he continued his prayers.

The answer came and came in a way that he could never have imagined!

He had finally met his teacher, his true Master!

And then Akshaya began a journey of which he is eternally proud – that of being a student of Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Akshaya is eternally grateful to everyone and everything that led him to Master Sha.

Master Sha has taught him what selfless service is! He has taught how one could reach a state of limitless joy and peace by practicing unconditional love and forgiveness! He has exemplified what true compassion is!

Master Sha is offering Tao wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques for bringing love, peace, and harmony to Mother Earth and to all Universes and beyond.

Akshaya is honored to share Master Sha’s teachings with humanity.

He is honored to share Master Sha’s Mission with humanity.