Brigitte Horster

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy
Region of Residence

Brigitte Horster is a Licensed Tao Calligraphy Field Level 1 Master Teacher and Practitioner. She teaches how to nourish the soul with love and light. Her training as a Certified Master Teacher, which she received from Master Sha, enables her to give valuable spiritual guidance and to support people who want self- renewal in one or more areas of life.

It is a joy and honor to fulfill her great desire to help others with this wonderful knowledge, to spread these great techniques and wisdom that help people to remain happy, successful, helpful, and healthy, and to guide others who might become practitioners.
As a child, Brigitte already had a deep longing to help others and to be close to God. Because of this desire to help, after completing her schooling, she went to an orphanage in South Africa, communities in Kenya and Mexico, worked with refugees from war zones, and with disadvantaged children and disabled people. She also continuously supported her five children with great love.

She participated in many seminars and training courses and learned different healing methods, as she was always eager to better support everyone. She went to Bible teachings, attended meditation seminars, studied with various spiritual teachers, and practiced light fasting to get into more contact with the soul world.
When she got to know Master Zhi Gang Sha in 2008, she knew that here was everything she needed.

She immediately became a practitioner and used this power to help people around her, at soul power evenings, workshops, or in individual sessions. She teaches how to nourish the soul with love and light.

Her great desire is to spread the techniques and wisdom that can help everyone to remain happy and healthy and to teach many people how to live a flourishing life.