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Gilles Neplaz

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Certified Master Teacher
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Gilles Neplaz had created his own businesses when he experienced a miracle healing. This touched his heart and inspired him to become a healer. In 2014, he let go of his businesses and began to study traditional Chinese medicine and qi gong while continuing to learn soul healing from Dr. and Master Sha and the Tao Academy ™. Gilles knew he found his true purpose in life and became a Tao Hands Practitioner.

Following in Master Sha’s footsteps, Gilles began serving in his community. In 2016, he launched a website to help children around the world. In 2017, he dropped everything to go and serve “his people” when Hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean islands. There Gilles discovered truly what it is to “forget yourself in service.” Over the course of his training as a Tao Hands practitioner and advanced practitioner of the Tao Academy, he has returned to the islands over 40 times, acquiring a reputation as a profound healer and humanitarian. 

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