Hui-Ling Lin - Master Sha Hui-Ling Lin - Master Sha

Hui-Ling Lin

Teacher Level
Certified Leading Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy
Region of Residence
Manhattan NY

Dr. Hui-Ling Lin is one of the twelve Tao Chang Grandmasters as well as one of three Certified Tao Calligraphy Grandmaster Teachers in the world. She recently has been appointed as one of the first two of Master Sha’s assisting Leading Teachers. She previously served as the Director of Master Sha Tao Center Pacific.

Hui Ling is one of the three co-coordinators of the Kuan Yin (Compassion Buddha) Lineage Holder Training program of Tao Academy. Her connection with Kuan Yin started even before she was born. Without Kuan Yin’s miraculous blessing for her mother, Hui Ling would not be born into the world. She always feels the most inspired when she receives and share deeper universal wisdom through Kuan Yin Ling Hui Sheng Shi (her new name in the Soul Light Era).  Thus, she is most grateful to be one of very few authority Tao Teachers to spread Dr. And Master Sha’s highest teaching and wisdom in accessible ways.

Hui-Ling cares deeply about the well-being of animals, environment, and Mother Earth. She is constantly searching ways to offer creative ways to go deeper into self-care and care for Mother Earth. She believes caring for oneself and Mother Earth is a lifelong and interconnected journey. She is looking forward to serve humanity and Mother Earth through a diversity of creative programs of self-care. Hui Ling has always been curious about the connection between soul, heart, mind and body connection. This has led to her exploration of yoga, meditation, Native medicine, Shamanic healing. She became a certified level one Kundalini Yoga teacher and has also received intensive training in prenatal and Yin yoga teaching. She loves bodywork and has received intensive training in Thai Massage and Shiatsu. She is also a Reiki Master and a certified Bio-energy Healer. Prior to studying with Master Sha, Hui Ling received a Master degree in Urban Planning at National Taiwan University in Taipei, and received a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

She was passionate about the empowerment of women and exploration of the Divine Feminine. She was trained as a feminist film scholar, lecturing on feminist film theory, the politics of representation, cultural studies, gender, sexuality, and racial relations, trans-national Chinese cinema, urban and cultural geography, immigration studies, and contemporary film history in her PhD study. There she discovered her passion for post-production, especially for editing, which led to the great honor of being invited to join Dr. and Master Sha’s core Media Team as an editor, traveling intensively around the world with Dr. and Master Sha, where she witnessed thousands of healing miracles.

Hui-Ling firmly believes in the power of soul for self-renewal, as well as the importance of serving and empowering others. Dr. and Master Sha teaches, “The purpose of life is to serve,” and now Hui-Ling is constantly being empowered to have a higher capacity to practice, teach, and serve and to fulfill her soul’s purpose. For this alone, she is eternally grateful to Master Sha for all his unconditional service, love, compassion, light, forgiveness, and more. She is inspired to pay it forward to empower others like Dr. and Master Sha has empowered her.