Teachers - Master Sha

Jaya Tiwari

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher
Region of Residence

It is my greatest honor and privilege to be a Certified Master Teacher.

My spiritual journey began in this lifetime when I learned Reiki, Mahavatar Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and then Pranic Healing within a span of a few years starting in 2001. I was a trainer and healer in Pranic Healing for more than seven years along with being a mother of two children and a housewife living in Kolkata, India. In November 2011, I had the greatest blessing to meet Master Sha at an introductory event in Mumbai. Within a few months, I became deeply devoted to his teachings.

Ever since, I have been touched by the most profound love, purity, generosity and unconditional heart of Master Sha every day of my life. I soon became a Certified Soul Practitioner and was chosen for the Certified Master Teacher Training Program. I have had the honor to conduct many workshops and outreach for various communities, including poor and mentally challenged children, NGOs working with women and senior citizens, schools, hospitals, corporate offices and more as a Soul Practitioner and a Tao Hands Guide to spread the Love Peace Harmony Movement.

I can never thank Master Sha enough for the huge blessings, soul wisdom, and greatest love that he has given to me, my family, humanity and all souls.