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Katja Lehmann

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher
Region of Residence

Katja Lehmann is a Certified Master Teacher, certified by the Soul Power institute since July 2016. Her many years of seeking ancient and universal wisdom, alternative healing, the purpose of life and the path of the heart and soul brought her to the teachings of Master Sha. Inspired by the Native Americans of the Amazon and by her connection to nature, she highly resonated with Master Sha’s and the Tao Teachings of following nature’s way.

Since she was small she had a dream of living in a world of love, peace, and harmony. Throughout all her life this has made her connect to groups and people with that same wish to create a healthier and happier Mother Earth. She tried many types of work to find out what would enable her to serve best and to create true happiness. After not being able to find that profession, she decided to go and travel for several years, seeking answers and truth about herself, and also to learn whatever she could from other cultures and people. This has given her a broad overview of people and backgrounds, of nature and culture, and empowers her to have great compassion and understanding for many different cultures and people.

As a Master Teacher she is happy to serve in groups, workshops, and private consultations.