Keiko Fujii

A survivor of pneumonia at age 3, depressed due to physical challenges in later age, she was searching for someone who could heal and answer her quest for the purpose of life. She found the person who answered her quest ten years ago and started her soul journey under the teaching and guidance of Master Sha.

Born in the  country of the only atom bomb disaster area in the world, her life work is to create and manifest love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all souls.

She believes that the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field is the solution to the soaring medical and insurance costs that are becoming heavier burdens on people and governments.

She also has a hope that Tao Science will pave a new way for people to live happier and joyful lives, especially for children who are forced to live stressful lives from their birth on in this competitive world.